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I am delighted to welcome you to the latest newsletter edition of the German Alliance for Trade Facilitation.

Seven years have passed since the German Alliance was founded – a network of experts from the public and private sector. Our journey has been one of innovation, adaptation, and shared commitment to enhance the efficiency of global trade. As the current programme phase is coming to an end in March 2024, it is now time to raise and discuss strategic questions. How can the trustful collaboration between public and private sector partners be continued? How should the network be shaped in the future?

To address these and further questions the steering committee of the German Alliance met (virtually) in September. On this occasion, the Federal Ministry for Economic Development and Cooperation (BMZ) gave first insights on its new approach to realign its cooperation with the private sector. From 2024 onwards, the BMZ will set an even stronger focus on integrating the potential of the private sector for global socio-ecological transformation, and create networks to jointly develop solutions.

→ Our next virtual working meeting with all German Alliance members will take place on 9.-10. November 2023. It will provide space to discuss project results to set joint impulses for the near future.

Trade facilitation has never been more vital. The challenges brought forth by global events have underscored the importance of resilient supply chains and streamlined trade processes. In this context, our network remains of utmost importance to foster dialogue and implement practical solutions. We have already achieved much, but there is still a lot to do.

I am looking forward to seeing you at our next working meeting. Until then, I hope you enjoy reading the latest updates from the German Alliance. You will find different insights into our project work, success stories, event reports and much more.

Susanne Wolfgarten

Programme Lead
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH



Professional discussions, personal encounters, and joint impulses – this year’s spring meeting of the German Alliance for Trade Facilitation offered a valuable exchange for ministries, companies, and business associations.

At the invitation of Siemens Healthineers AG the network of the German Alliance came together in Forchheim. The meeting focused on a cross-sectoral dialogue on current topics in politics and business.

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Serbia & Montenegro

Fostering Collaboration for Swift and Secure Postal Shipments


Sri Lanka
Video on the 'Digitising Global Maritime Trade' Project 



MoU Signing: Together for Faster and Easier Mail Traffic



Great Progress in Strengthening Trade Under the AfCFTA



Cooperation Agreement Set the Ground for Pre-Arrival Data Exchange


Côte d'Ivoire

Enhancing Transparency and Predictability of Cross-Border Trade



Supporting the Exports of Avocado

Over the last ten years, the cultivation of avocados in Kenya has significantly increased. Simplified export processes shall help to fully exploit the market potential.

Strengthening the Fishing Industry's Economic Potential

Kenya's fishing industry forms an important pillar of the national economy. Thus, the aim is to further strengthen its potential by simplifying trade procedures.


Economic actors do not equally profit from trade facilitation measures. Differentiated effects can be observed especially for different genders. Therefore, the German Alliance for Trade Facilitation is committed to designing all projects gender-sensitive and thus contributing to a feminist development policy in the field of trade.
As part of the project in Ghana 350 women
participated in an event series that informed them about their rights and obligations as traders.

Relevant information on trade procedures shall enable women unlock the full scope of their entrepreneurial potential.

In the video Ms Adobah, a trader from Ghana, shares her experiences from the workshop.



14th Working Meeting

Are you interested in attending the next virtual Working Meeting of the German Alliance for Trade Facilitation? For more information, please contact the Secretariat via



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